Research & Development

Patented solution for load- and unload processes of airfreight units in airports and in protected and approved companies outside the airport

Airfreight safety and security is a must of todays international airfreight business. To be always on top of international development with a “better than state of the art” level, STAP has an own research and development in the company. More than 70 % of all work in the company is related to research & development.

STAP has high skilled employees in order to guarantee always highest level of excellence in the research and development. If partners or others are interested to learn much more about their own technology which they are using and to improve it, STAP is a perfect partner for analysis, definition of work, development of hard- and software, viability tests and dissemination actions in national and international research projects. STAP often is able to play a key-role in big European projects but we are always integrated in small but often very nice projects with our local partners.

Actual research and development together with research institutes (private and public university) and other research providing companies. If necessary, because of finding development partners, additional funding, we coordinate big research projects like:

  • SmartAirports - H2020 - Safety and Security Systems for International Airports
  • SmartMask- Monitoring, sensing and additional development of algorithms for medical measurements
  • BioRadar EU - H2020 EUROSTARS: Wireless measurement of vital data on humans and animals (specialized for animal transport in aircrafts)

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